Monday, 31 October 2011

Polar FT4 watch review

Been abandoning this blog for a while. Mostly because I have a lot going on lately, with workout, going out etc and partly because I've lost my laptop.

I've bought Polar FT4 two months ago and been using it as my Heart Rate Monitor and also Calorie counter.

The packaging is quite simple :

The package come with your watch , the chest strap and a transmitter.

The strap is quite comfortable and I don't realise I wore it sometimes. For those who don't know, most gym equipment can also pick up signal from the transmitter, be it Polar certified machine or not. Polar claimed that it's color coded so it won't interfere with other gym equipment but what I observe is the gym equipment next to me displayed my heart rate when I'm 1 - 2 metres away. I haven't have anyone next to me wearing a HRM too so I'm not too sure if this interfere his reading.

It's quite a reliable gadget with no problem using it at all in this 2 months. Although quite basic it has major feature that you need such as Calorie Counter, which should be quite accurate after you key in your age and weight. You could set the HRM counter to Beat Per Minute or %Max Heart Rate.

Overall this is quite a good buy for RM220 from ebay.