Wednesday, 30 November 2011

I've hit 71kg! and healthy BMI (American Scale)

It's been a short 4 months and 14kg lost so far. Which mean I kinda lost 0.875kg per week , a bit shy of 1kg target lost per week but still a good number. Here are my progress chart :

A lot of people asked what I did to loose those weight. Here are what I did and did not :

I did not :
1. Follow fancy diet, e.g: protein only diet, no carbs diet ,
2. Use any weight loss supplement.
3. Starve myself.
4. Skipped lunch , dinner , breakfast etc..
5. Went to weight loss centre.

I did :

1. Eat moderately, according to food pyramid.
2. Try to have all nutrients in a meal and achieve at least 100% nutrients according to RDA.
3. Mantaining a deficit of 500 kcal under daily calorie need.
4. Live an active lifestyle.
5. Workout and exercise.

I believe you can't sustain the weight loss achieve by following fancy diet , supplement and starving yourself. Human need carb as an energy form and as much as someone love meat, he/she will crave carbohydrate after a few days of eating just protein. S

Supplements are mostly junk and doesn't work at all. If there are those that work, it will only help 10% and cost a lot. I believe most people can't afford supplements as well.

And people can't starve too in long run. For myself, although I have a deficit of 500 kcal, honestly I didn't feel starving at all. All I did was for example, skip cordial drinks after dinner for example, have 0.8 serving of rice instead of full servings, and have fruits or salads as snacks. I let myself to have one or two cheat days per week and have pizza, burger etc.. but usually this doesn't reach more than 2000 kcal and I compensate by doing workout day after that.

I also believe weight loss centre doesn't work for most people. I've asked a few friends and they spend RM5k to RM20k going to weight loss centre. Most of them can't sustain the weight loss, if there's any.

What I did was eat like how we supposed to eat. 4 servings of grains, 5 or more servings of fruit and vege , 3 servings of meat , 2 servings of dairy and as little oil as possible.

I try to workout every other day. During workdays I work at 12 hours shift and being given 1 hour break. I use 40 minutes of break for workout and manage to burn 300 - 400 kcal during those 40 minutes.

I'm lucky to have 4 days off days. So during every other offdays I try to spend at least 2 hours in gym burning at least 1000 kcal.

It's been a fun 4 months. My next target would be

1. To have 10% or less body fat.
2. To run 1/2 marathon in less than 2 hours.
3. To complete full marathon.
4. To have those abs. (its a bit showing now, just a little bit more.)

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