Friday, 2 December 2011

My workout - Triceps

I categories my weight workout into 2 . Cut days and bulk days. On cut days my aim is to cut those fats so usually I do 12 repeatation in 10 sets. On bulk days the aim is to increase muscle mass so I did 6 - 8 repeatation in 5 - 10 sets.

On cut days I used light weights which allow many repeatation and sets but challenging enough. The most important thing. And on bulk days I use heavier weights which is very challenging on the last set, you can find yourself struggling to keep a good form even on first set.

I usually have 1 rest day after bulk days to allow healing. Usually I feel a bit sore on the target muscles after bulk day which for me is a good sign.

Triceps workout:

Dumbell triceps extension

Triceps Press Back

Lateral raise

Cable triceps extension

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